Corruption, Greed and Indifference

In this Insider podcast PNGi asks whether corruption is a product of individual greed, or are its poisonous seeds to be found in the global economic system. Insider host, Dr Kristian Lasslett, argues strongly that capital as the premiere social force today, is guided by self-interest and an unquenchable desire to expand, and is indifferent to how this takes place. Therefore, he contends, capital like a moth to the flame, flows into corrupt rackets, rigged financial markets and weapons of mass destruction, indifferent to the human consequences, and unrestrainable by the law. This is particularly the case in PNG where mass-frauds, resource-grabs and rigged land markets have been magnets for national and international capital in search of super-profits. Dr Lasslett concludes we must be prepared to fight a system that is self-interested and indifferent to how profit is produced, if we are to tackle the corruption problem head on.