Best of PNGi Central 2019: Your Most Read

Prominent businessmen, politicians and public servants all feature regularly in the investigative reports published by PNGi.

It is perhaps unsurprising then that our review of the most read reports for 2019 features some of the very biggest names, including deposed Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, his controversial Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari, businessman, Jimmy ‘teflon’ Maladina and prominent Minister Puka Temu. Alongside them, perhaps more surprisingly, the government Australia, was the focus of two top-10 stories.  

Here is the countdown of the top 10 most popular PNGi reports of 2019.

10. Minister and Secretary Misled Govt over K10 Billion Tower Deal

Based on an Ombudsman Commission investigation, PNGi revealed how John Kali and Puka Temu misled the government into an improper and illegal decision to appoint a shell company to build a 32 story office complex in Waigani

9. PNG Public Service Going Private

An investigation into government plans to force public servants to pay for private health cover using a recently registered foreign company as the single monopoly provider

8. An Australian Mega Scandal: The 10 Red Flags At Manus 

One of two PNGi investigations in the Top 10 that looked beneath the surface of the $500 million in contracts awarded by the Australian Government to facilitate its controversial offshore detention policy.

7. $13m Sydney Mansion Adds New Layers to UBS Loan Scandal

One of a number of reports published by PNGi on the UBS loan scandal and financially disastrous investment in Oil Search shares by the government of Peter O’Neill.

6. Australia Gets Another F : The Pacific International Hospital Contract

The second investigation in the Top 10 that looked into the Australian governments controversial offshore detention policy. This report revealed how a medical care contract was awarded to a company whose principal shareholder was associated with the Prime Minister and had been implicated in a major illegal land deal and whose other beneficiaries had similarly questionable backgrounds.

5. The Midas Touch: How Peter O’Neill and his Associates have Made a Killing – Part 1

This investigative report into the career of Peter O’Neill was published back in June 2017, but it still featured high in the list of most read reports in 2019.

4. Jimmy Maladina and the 2017 Election Mystery

Jimmy Maladina’s name has featured in a number of PNGi exposés, in this one we revealed his intriguing role in the 2017 election where he funded and supported a rival candidate in the very seat both he and his brother were contesting.

3. Tasion Group Chief Branded Corrupt Fraudster by Deputy Chief Justice 

One of our last reports of the year was also one of the most popular; it revealed how one of PNG’s biggest businessmen, Sam Tasion, has been characterised as a corrupt fraudster by no-lesser judge than the Deputy Chief Justice.

2. Is the Net Finally Closing on Isaac Lupari?

A deep dive into the major scandals engulfing the government’s Chief Secretary, including APEC rorts and the UBS scandal, and a review of the damning findings of a 2009 Commission of inquiry that recommended he face prosecution for defrauding the State of over K1 million.

1. Fact Checking the Kramer Allegations 

In February, MP Bryan Kramer alleged a grand-scale rort right in the heart of government that led to the Prime Minister’s own family. PNGi investigated and found the allegations are supported by compelling evidence. Kramer has since become Police Minister so this story is one that we expect to hear more about in 2020.

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